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Wendy Walling

With over a decade of sales and marketing experience in the disinfection industry, I would love to help you see greater success with Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) technologies. Whether it’s helping facilities choose the right systems, selecting tools to optimize and audit GUV performance, or training staff on the benefits of GUV, my team and I are at your service. Let’s talk! 
#uvdisinfection #innovation #publichealth #healthcare #uvgi 

Wendy Brady Walling of Performance GUV

#uvdisinfection #innovation #publichealth #healthcare #uvgi 

Experience & Service for Greater Results with Germicidal UV 

PerformanceGUV proudly offers a comprehensive range of services for facilities using GUV as well as independent consultation for the UV disinfection industry. I would love to help support your team as a trusted advisor for all things GUV. Contact me today to embark on a successful journey together!

Brand Development & Positioning

Website Design & Management

Graphic Design

Marketing Consultant

Sales Training

Social Media Marketing

Public Speaking & Conventions

QA/Performance Auditing

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